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SOS Pro Wrestling Championship


Rebel Kel

Inaugural champion. Won the title in a gauntlet match on the Season 2 Finale.

Lost to Steve Migs at Last Resort.

May '21 - June '22

Champ 2.png

Steve Migs

Steve Migs won the title from Rebel Kel in the main event of Last Resort with the help of his #1 Fan.

Lost to Malcolm Phlex after Phlex cashed in the Golden Wilson.

June '22 - February '23


Malcolm Phlex

Phlex defeated Steve Migs at On Stranger Tides.

Phlex vacated the belt due to an "outstanding" opportunity that pulled him away from the island.

February '23 - June '23

Randers title 2.png


Carl Randers won the Bermuda Triangle tournament to secure the vacant SOS championship.

"The Beachcomber is now the Beach  Master!" - C.R.

July '23 - 

SOS Tag Team Championship

PR 1.jpg


Inaugural champions. Jacky Lee and Shareef Morrow won the SOS Tag Team tournament at Pirate Radio. 

Lost to The Academy at Good Vibrations

August '22 - January '23

Tag web2.jpg

The Academy

Thom Alman and Nick Radford took the titles from Re:Loaded in the beginning of 2023.

January '23 - September '23

CAT Tag Title


Big Cat Scott Henson & Sarian Soft Paws defeated The Academy in a School Yard Street Fight/

Sept. '23 - 

Snow cover 1.jpg

Island Rules Championship

Snow cover 1.jpg

Ghost Pirate Brian

Ghost Pirate Brian defeated Rebel Kel, Max Burnside, Dean Cooper, and Rook Kelly to become the inaugural champion at Snow on the Beach.

December '22 -

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