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$25 - Drop In
$150 - Monthly

Mon: 7-9pm - Advanced 
​Tues: 7-9pm - Beginners
Wed: 7-9pm - Beginners
Thurs: 7-9pm - Advanced 

$25 Per Class or $150 Unlimited Monthly Membership
Pay via Venmo at class. 

Grit City Wrestling School


Located on 5425 S Tacoma Way - Entrance in Alley

Begin your journey to be coming a Pro Wrestler.
Learn the building blocks of pro wrestling, match 
performing, cutting promos, character development,
and getting bookings.


Day 1, what to expect...


You can show up 15-minutes before any beginner's class. At the time you will be asked to out a Photography Release and a Liability form.

Wear gym clothing and bring water and a towel. Long-term you'll want to invest in wrestling shoes, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Follow Grit City Wrestling School @GritCityWrestling on Instagram for updates and reach out directly for any questions.

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Grit City Wrestlng School was selected to curate the first ever pro wrestling show in Bumbershoot's 50-year history. 

Over Labor Day weekend
2023, our students and staff
helped produce a two-day
four-show event. In fact, many
students had their very first
match at the historic festival!

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