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$25 - Drop In
$150 - Monthly

Monday: 7-9PM - Advanced 
​Tuesday: 7-9PM - Beginners
Wednesday: 7-9PM - Beginners
Thursday: 7-9PM - Advanced 

$25 Per Class or $150 Unlimited Monthly Membership
Pay via Venmo at class. 

Grit City Wrestling School


Located on 5425 S Tacoma Way - Entrance in Alley

Begin your journey to be coming a Pro Wrestler.
Learn the building blocks of pro wrestling, match 
performing, cutting promos, character development,
and getting bookings.


Day 1, what to expect...


Please show up 15 minutes before class time to fill out Photography Release and Liability forms.

Wear gym clothing and bring water and a towel. Long-term you'll want to invest in wrestling shoes, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Follow Grit City Wrestling School @GritCityWrestling on Instagram for updates and reach out directly for any questions.

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Grit City Wrestlng School was selected to curate the first ever pro wrestling show in Bumbershoot's 50-year history. 

Over Labor Day weekend
2023, our students and staff
helped produce a two-day
four-show event. In fact, many
students had their very first
match at the historic festival!

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